Zorlok is an interactive fiction game following the bizarre misadventures of a demon with no memories and the nerdy high schooler they're bound to serve. Uncover mysteries and cause mayhem in this dark comedy about monsters, found family, personal identity, and the line between good and evil.

The setting and story are inspired by campy horror movies, classic murder mysteries, and an old Monster of the Week campaign. The first demo release was on May 13th, 2022.

Warning: Zorlok is rated 17+ for swearing, alcohol and drug use, sexually suggestive content, violence, self-harm, discussions about religion and mental health, and death. 

You were a terrifying demon who wielded hellfire, fought angels, and corrupted souls... at least, you think you were. You can't be sure. Not since you made a deal with Tommy, some nerdy high schooler willing to sell you his soul to become "cool."

That should have been easy, right? You could've sat the kid in front of a fan for a few minutes, let him cool down, collected his soul, and been on your way. But, no! Before you could even introduce yourself, Tommy made you forget your past and start going by the name Zorlok.

So, now you're "Zorlok". A demon, sure, but a demon with no sense of self and no clue what the Hell being a demon means—you don't know why or how you became like this, how to control your infernal powers, you aren't even sure how these pacts are supposed to work (for example, you tried the fan thing and nothing happened, so, either that loophole doesn't work or there's some other trick to stealing souls you haven't figured out yet). 

But what does it mean to be a demon? With your memories and identity stripped away, where does that leave you? You're a demon, but are you still demonic?

And just in case your amnesia and the subsequent identity crisis weren't enough, you've gotten involved with a group of monster hunters working for a local fey council. Now you and two random humans are supposed to protect the city of Casper from vicious predators, investigate strange deaths, and fight off "evil." Whatever. 

You're just glad to get a break from doing Tommy's math homework.

- Embrace the chance to redefine yourself or attempt to regain your former identity

  • Uncover the secrets of your past
  • Customize your gender, pronouns, and identity
  • Design your human vessel and gradually unlock a more demonic appearance
  • Choose an alias and pass yourself off as a "regular person"
  • Name your loyal hellhound and select what animal it's disguised as
  • Watch your alignment shift and Tommy's personality change as a result of your actions
  • Continue to rail against your situation or decide that maybe this isn't so bad

- Learn to control your infernal powers and choose the three domains at your command: either Fire or Ice, either Sight or Spirit, and either Corrupting or Shifting

- Tell elaborate lies or risk unveiling dangerous truths

- Help Tommy survive high school (or sabotage him at every turn)

- Explore Casper, WA, a strange little city either surrounded by or inhabited by monsters (depending on who you ask)

- Set everything on fire... accidentally.

Tommy Osorio

The 15 year-old who trapped you in this pact and then forced you to forget your past. Once Tommy becomes "cool" you'll receive his soul, but after learning what that word means to modern humans, you're starting to wonder if this is an impossible task. To read more about Tommy click here.

cis male (he/him)
The Hellhound

Your faithful "dog". A hellish creature sworn to protect and serve you. For more on the Hellhound click here.

genderless (any pronouns)
Dev Vaghela

The charismatic leader of your monster hunting trio, Dev used to be a career criminal but since returning to the small town xe grew up in, xe has apparently turned over a new leaf. It's not xyr fault if trouble follows xem everywhere. Right? For more on Dev click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (xe/xem), cis female (she/her), cis male (he/him)

Dev's childhood friend, your new roommate, and a reluctant member of your monster hunting team. EJ is an ordinary human who managed to live a (somewhat) normal life until you showed up at their door. Still,  strange, unexplained phenomena have followed EJ for decades and their uncontrolled arcane powers have only grown more volatile since you moved in. For more on EJ click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (they/them), cis female (she/her), or cis male (he/him)
Adam / Eve Park

A talented, young detective dedicated to protecting the people of Casper, WA from harm. Like most citizens, A/E isn't aware of magic's existence, but they have their suspicions and realize more's going on here than meets the eye. They also firmly—and somewhat correctly—believe that their former friend turned bitter rival, Dev, is involved with the strange phenomena plaguing the city. For more on A/E  click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: trans male (he/him) or trans female (she/her)
Ainsley Sirico

The leader of a rival monster hunting team. Ainsley is an incredible hunter who's spent most of her life dedicated to this craft, earning great respect from her community along the way. She comes across as warm, welcoming, and caring (almost too much so?) and, given the way she treats you and Ciel, Ainsley doesn't seem to hold any prejudice against monstrous beings. For more on Ainsley click here.

cis female (she/her)
Lucía Reyes

A member of Ainsley's team. Lucía is a park ranger, an impressive feat given that the forest surrounding Casper is "infested" with monsters. As far as you can tell, something has drawn her to this forest, but you don't know if she's looking for something or hiding from someone. Lucía keeps her secrets tight to her chest and most people at the business end of a notched arrow. For more on Lucía click here.

RO: cis female (she/her or they/them), lesbian
Ciel Renault

The last of the rival team members. Ciel is a mystery to you—an acerbic, hot-blooded, goth mystery to be exact. They appear human at first glance, but the longer you look at them, the more you notice strange features: yellow eyes, pointed ears, short fangs. You aren't sure exactly what Ciel is, but you know they aren't human. For more on Ciel click here.

RO + Gender Customizable: nonbinary (she/they) or nonbinary (he/they)

An unlucky soul that crosses your path. Danny is a shadow of their former self by the time you properly meet them but becomes a steadfast companion—whether they like it or not. For more on Danny click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (any), cis female (she/her), cis male (he/him)
The Celestial

A figure from your past. The Celestial is a trickster who's known you—or, more specifically, the being you used to be—for most of eternity. Eir main objectives are unknown to you but, even though ey's a "fallen angel," the Celestial seems to want what's best for you. For more on the Celestial click here.

RO: omnigender (ey/em)
Oren Rose

A widower and single father. Rose seems to be an ordinary person trying to get by. A caring, light-hearted, and somewhat goofy optimist, Rose just wants to help improve the lives of those around him, however he can. For more on Rose click here.

RO: cis male (he/him), gay

You don't who they are, you don't know where they are, you don't know what they are. All you know is that they're watching. Waiting. Who knows what for?

RO?: unknown


Special thanks to the Zorlok beta readers: Andi, AxelKeys, Lili, Lore, Manon, MansymMondayOddington, Spectre, Wywrds

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(389 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Dark Humor, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, Mystery, Narrative, Romance, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksBlog, Blog

Development log


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PLEASE, are you still working on this?? You don't know how much I love all of thisss :") It's been like two or one year, but this is soo good!! 😭

Edit: Okay, so, I stalked the Zorlock's tumblr account for a few minutes and I think it's still active (?) Idk- But at least I'm gonna think it'll update soon HAKAHJAH-


Are you still working on this game? I loved this demo, since these types of games are one of my favorites.


same question ^^^


epic momento




Omggg, this was so much better that I expected, the customization (I can finally have the Adam Sandler fashion), the effects, the story too!! I am invested in this, hope to see more chapters!! 

(1 edit) (+2)

Zorlok has such a special place in my heart already. 

Using sound effects and music to your advantage was an amazing idea and I absolutely love how well it fits into the story. It really sets this INF apart from others.

The amount of customization is really well done and while there is so so much variety, it never feels overwhelming. You've really given me so much to feel like this character is my own and that I can feel proud being represented by them.

Your writing and humor is really well done. Your work inspires me for my own story writing. I love how you are able to show subtlety so well, but also be so quick and witty. I can't help but smile whenever I notice those things in your work.

I love how much diversity your cast has, not only in race and queerness, but in physical differences, disabilities, and neurodiversity. I love how you allow these options in character creation as well and allow for prosthetics, touch-aversion, gender-affirming care, and audio descriptions. As a sex-repulsed ace person, I appreciate how sexual storylines are an option and not a requirement, and I really really appreciate how it is the same for romantic routes. As a poly person, I appreciate how much care you put into your poly-routes as well. I hope it seems obvious I've been scrolling Zorlok's tumblr for all this? Representation matters, thank you so much.

I've replayed the prologue and checked up on this game multiple times already, but I only noticed a few days ago that there's content I'm missing when I thought the story ended at the prologue.

I did mention this in the discord server, but I'm aware it isn't quite active and I didn't really get a response there- so I'll attach this here instead: 

"I played Zorlok probably early-mid 2023 and I've been checking the game on itch several times whenever I remember it and occasionally replay it as well! I was thinking the game was still on some sort of hiatus because I never saw changes on the Itch page about any updates (including the dev log on itch, above the comment section), and when I replay it as well I don't see any update and I usually get the "this is the end of the demo" thing However, today I did notice some comments that reference other content, assuming from the first chapter, as well as in Tumblr, but I find it super unclear how to access the new updates/chapters ? Like is there something I'm missing? I will note, that when I checked today I used a previous save that I uploaded back to the game, 2 scenes before the "this is the end of the demo" screen, is that something messing up the updates on my end? /gq If not, where is the full game? /gq /nm If I were to suggest anything, it would 110% be a clear indicator in the description of the Itch page and Tumblr that includes:

  1. where the full game is (if not https://gamesbyalbie.itch.io/zorlok which is where I play)
  2. the latest update date / what chapters are up currently (if I'm at the right Itch page in the first place)
  3. if there are things/bugs (like me using a previous save to play) that prevent an update from showing up to add that info on Itch as well

* I've since tried replaying the game once more yesterday without using a previous save and got the same result, as well as clearing my cache (though with the current save I just played) and neither worked. 

I don't mean to bother, I've just been itching to play for months now!

Thanks so much, and I hope you've been doing well lately ♡


Hi! Sorry if I’m a bother, but have you managed to solve the issue?

I ask because I have been having the same exact problem, and I’d REALLY like to solve it myself.

Thank you regardless, and again, sorry if I was a bother

Have a good one <3


Not a bother at all! Still waiting but will totally update you if I get it fixed or get a response here or in the discord. Kinda glad I'm not alone, Hope you have a good one too! <3

Thousands of thanks!

Then I shall retreat to the shadows and lurk in the discord, awaiting my chance to play Zorlock >:3 

(1 edit) (+3)

Really enjoyed reading this 😀 

And the mc reminds me of sukuna lol

Is this project abandoned?




I love this so much- the interactions between the demon and Tommy are great, too!!! Great work! 


i loved it, from start to finish. can't wait for the full release. saw ur update, don't push it!! love yourself buddy  


This is so fantastic!!!


This is such and awesome demo! I love the diversity in character customization and Tommy is such a funny character. Looking forward to more!


I absolutely love this game, I love how we are able to customize are character deeply something most games do not have. I love customizing so this game is immediately a really great game for me. The plot is very interesting so I was a little disappointed when I reached the end. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work!


I don't know why but I spent so much time on customizing 'Zorlok' :') But I love this so far!! cant wait for an update!!♡♡♡


I hope the first chapter is released soon. I can't wait to continue!


Thank you! It's on its way. You can read the most recent update here.


looking good so far! i really enjoyed the short amount of time playing this, i didn't expect the demon to be so customizable.




i will keep waiting for the update for as long as is needed this is one of the few games i like so i will keep close watch when there is update

keep the awesome work dev and good luck with whatever you are passing on real life -abyssal28


I’ve played dozens of times already, and decided on the perfect character for the demon: a deceptive-looking girl with pastel clothes, flowers and walks barefoot, (an ironic nod to ancient Greek/Roman heroes) as well as having a snarky attitude. She’s also humorously unaware about most human life since becoming exiled, which leads to a number of funny situations in my head. 
I imagine her to be the worryingly chaotic, sarcastic and protective older sister, who will protect Tommy… with everything going up in flames one way or another. 


I just stopped by to play through the character creation again. Not sure how many times I've done this, but I feel like it is probably at least 20. And I find it properly fun every time. Today I just want to see what visuals my brain likes for your demon, but there have also been several times I returned just to try different variants of the tea scene. Tea choices as a way to examine character is a delight to read.

Thank you for making this game. While my fondness for what is here makes me hopeful for the day it continues, I mostly just want you to know that I see this as a rather brilliant piece of art just in what is already here. Your dedication to providing so many choices for people to craft their idea of a demon is inspiring. 

I've read enough posts from interactive fiction authors to know that having so many options can be rather difficult, but you still allowed us all these options and I am so grateful for that. 

I love the way I am allowed to play with gender and expression. I love that a hellhound can be several types of dogs, non-dog canines, or something entirely different. I love the way the jewelry hints at backstory and the world's lore. Your writing is lovely and makes my heart hurt in the best kind of way. Thank you for taking the time to make this lovely, complex piece of art. I hope things go well for you and your people and that you have time to pursue whatever interests you have, relevant to this work or not.


Thank you. Truly. I have to say that your comment really inspired me. I greatly appreciated this and read it in a moment where I really needed it. So, thank you. :)

(2 edits) (+2)

I love it already. I can't wait to play as my Zorlok. I chose his title as Lord of Aberration, as I consider him the sort of demon that loves to deviate from what's expected. He's brash, punk, confident, lots of scars from getting into fights, and will definitely smoke if option is presented. He's got a robust voice, shockingly red hair, gold eyes, and lots of ear piercings. And a Rottweiler hellhound (though a pug was really tempting. xD) I imagine him like a cool older brother to Tommy one day. The type that will rag on him for being a wimp at the start of their newfound relationship, but eventually becomes protective and kicks the ass of anybody that messes with his 'lil' bro. xD (And my heart is set on Adam for his LI. xD)


If you only knew how much I loved this story.😭 The story really immerses you in the atmosphere of those years! I am extremely sad that the author does not update the story, but I understand him. I wish you good luck and inspiration! English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes, I use a translator(⁠´⁠-⁠﹏⁠-⁠`⁠;⁠)


my zorlok is very pink. thank you, dev.


This isn't abandoned.

The author has a lot going on that they want to prioritize. One of them being their mental health. So Zorlok, while not dropped, is going to be worked on at a slower pace.

They mentioned that an expanded prologue is almost done but ep1 is still undergoing changes, and that they will update the itch.io page as soon as they can.

Source: tumblr, 4 months ago

Just be patient y'all.


okay, thanks for the info! i was wondering if the gameplay was missing or sumthing lol, hope the authour is ok tho 


Yes, here is a most recent update. Thank you all as always for your patience. More content is on its way.


Is there anywhere the author posts regular updates on how the writing process is going? I can't see the last time the tumblr account said anything about it (don't have an account and can't make one for some mysterious reason, so it stops me after scrolling for a bit) and there's no new approximate time for when the next update will/should come out.


Here is the most recent update :) Hopefully you're able to access it, if not let me know.


Thanks for the reply! And good to know that the game's still going but even better that you're doing well now. Hope things continue to go well for you! c:


is this abandoned???


No is not abandoned thankfully. They say they are still writing the story. 😗


okay Ty <3 thanks and sorry for the late reply 😭 


nah is ok 👍 


Hilariously funny read! Eagerly awaiting continuation


is this abandoned? :/


nope it isnt 


YESS THANK GOD! ( p.s when is it gonna update? )


sadly I don’t know when it will be updated but if you go to the official tumblr and discord the creator tells you he/she/they are still writing the story


Oh ok thank you!


Loved the demo!! This has the most customization that I have seen so far!! I hope you're doing well. Sending good energy your way!!


This has so much promise, not putting any pressure on the author to update, but I hope everything's okay with them.  Dear author If you are able to read this, we have not heard from you for a while. Please take care <3.


I've been played this demo multiple times, but the part where Tommy fools us still makes me salty 😂 well,  I know as a demon we would be the one who fool you, Tommy, but c'mon mate! It doesn't works if its reversed!


Please make an update or just a post that you're fine and still working on this.

(3 edits) (+1)

I love this >3> Can't wait to love Oren Rose <3 <3 I soo badly wan't to read this <3 and customize my self fully is a dream :D do we get horns  in the story ?


This game is perfect for me! Dnd? Check. Demons? Check. Nerds? Check? Hot RO's? Check. CUSTOMIZATION? C H E C K.

Omg, this is soo good! But focus on uni and work, we'll wait because I know this game is going to be E P I C


My gosh, I absolutely loved this IF!! The natural normal teenagers angst that we all went through, the way Tommy's fears are normal and justified, the friends of which he surrounds himself with, the customization (seriously, I fell in love with the way everything was done and I'm really proud of my MC), the comedic way the plot was set up but having its general spooky vibe, the storytelling and plot-- JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS AMAZING!

I also enjoyed Tommy a lot, the ending where he pulled an Uno? Fucking hell that was amazing to see and if my MC wasn't overcome with anger towards Tommy pulling the rug on them, they'd show grudging respect and find amusement on him. I can't wait for MC to be a Grunkle Stan where they don't really care much about Tommy before backtracking heavily as they drag Tommy away from dangerous shit all while cursing why they've become so attached to this mortal boy who one up'd them. 

Also I just really like the thought of this tall sexy demon with features that resemble human but are not. Dangerous and enthralling-- Then completely motherhenning this dorky awkward mortal boy and trying to cheer him up. I'm gonna have my MC turn up their nose at Tommy's friend group "reluctantly" helping them out, but the moment they hear someone talk shit about one person from Tommy's friend group?? Oh it's over, they're whipping out the fires from hell.

And I can't stop it. The one where you see this dark ethereal demon and some human kids just keep calling them "Zorlok" all while said demon is holding all of them by the back of their shirt ready to give the longest lecture ever--

I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT BUT I'M ALSO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE RO'S AND HOW THE KIDS WILL REACT TO THEM. God it'd be so funny if the kids give a hard time or try to sabatoge the RO's attempt to woo MC and MC is genuinely oblivious to them thwarting their "love life" all while the RO's are internally debating that they are mature adults who will not dropkick a kid. AAA I'M SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT BUT I'M GENUINELY EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS CHAPTER, ESPECIALLY WITH HOW AMAZING THE PROLOGUE IS!!

But I don't want to pressure you! Uni and work (seriously, how do you do it both???) are downright stressful and can take up so much time. So I wish you luck and know that we're waiting here patiently because we don't just care about the IF, we also care about you! Goodluck with the development and take care~!!


This game is illegal; the MC is too cute and the plot is very good. the potential for this game is very high.


Keep up the great work, man! Hope you're able to find the motivation to update when you can, I'll follow you to know when the update is coming!


gotta make dude become cool

(1 edit) (+11)(-1)

out of all the games like this when it comes to character creation, this is the best i have seen hands down. I am very excited for to play more and laugh at tommy and pray along with him for those sweet wonderful nat 20's

I'ma be the coolest gay uncle that hell and earth has ever seen for this dweeb


can’t wait for the update make sure to take your time though things aren’t as good if people are tired while doing them but still love this

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