Zorlok is an interactive fiction game following the bizarre misadventures of a demon with no memories and the nerdy high schooler they're bound to serve. Uncover mysteries and cause mayhem in this dark comedy about monsters, found family, personal identity, and the line between good and evil.

The setting and story are inspired by campy horror movies, classic murder mysteries, and an old Monster of the Week campaign. The first demo release was on May 13th, 2022.

Warning: Zorlok is rated 17+ for swearing, alcohol and drug use, sexually suggestive content, violence, self-harm, discussions about religion and mental health, and death. 

You were a terrifying demon who wielded hellfire, fought angels, and corrupted souls... at least, you think you were. You can't be sure. Not since you made a deal with Tommy, some nerdy high schooler willing to sell you his soul to become "cool."

That should have been easy, right? You could've sat the kid in front of a fan for a few minutes, let him cool down, collected his soul, and been on your way. But, no! Before you could even introduce yourself, Tommy made you forget your past and start going by the name Zorlok.

So, now you're "Zorlok". A demon, sure, but a demon with no sense of self and no clue what the Hell being a demon means—you don't know why or how you became like this, how to control your infernal powers, you aren't even sure how these pacts are supposed to work (for example, you tried the fan thing and nothing happened, so, either that loophole doesn't work or there's some other trick to stealing souls you haven't figured out yet). 

But what does it mean to be a demon? With your memories and identity stripped away, where does that leave you? You're a demon, but are you still demonic?

And just in case your amnesia and the subsequent identity crisis weren't enough, you've gotten involved with a group of monster hunters working for a local fey council. Now you and two random humans are supposed to protect the city of Casper from vicious predators, investigate strange deaths, and fight off "evil." Whatever. 

You're just glad to get a break from doing Tommy's math homework.

- Embrace the chance to redefine yourself or attempt to regain your former identity

  • Uncover the secrets of your past
  • Customize your gender, pronouns, and identity
  • Choose your alias (or use a few)
  • Design your human vessel and gradually unlock a more demonic appearance
  • Name your loyal hellhound and select what animal it's disguised as
  • Watch your alignment shift and Tommy's personality change as a result of your actions
  • Continue to rail against your situation or decide that maybe this isn't so bad

- Learn to control your infernal powers and choose the three domains at your command: either Fire or Ice, either Sight or Spirit, and either Corrupting or Shifting

- Tell elaborate lies or risk unveiling dangerous truths

- Help Tommy survive high school (or sabotage him at every turn)

- Explore Casper, WA, a strange little city either surrounded by or inhabited by monsters (depending on who you ask)

- Set everything on fire... accidentally.

Tommy Osorio

The 15 year-old who trapped you in this pact and then forced you to forget your past. Once Tommy becomes "cool" you'll receive his soul, but after learning what that word means to modern humans, you're starting to wonder if this is an impossible task. To read more about Tommy click here.

cis male (he/him)

The Hellhound

Your faithful "dog". A hellish creature sworn to protect and serve you. For more on the Hellhound click here.

genderless (any pronouns)

Dev Vaghela

The charismatic leader of your monster hunting trio, Dev used to be a career criminal but since returning to the small town xe grew up in, xe has apparently turned over a new leaf. It's not xyr fault if trouble follows xem everywhere. Right? For more on Dev click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (xe/xem), cis female (she/her), cis male (he/him)


Dev's childhood friend, your new roommate, and a reluctant member of your monster hunting team. EJ is an ordinary human who managed to live a (somewhat) normal life until you showed up at their door. Still,  strange, unexplained phenomena have followed EJ for decades and their uncontrolled arcane powers have only grown more volatile since you moved in. For more on EJ click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (they/them), cis female (she/her), or cis male (he/him)

Adam / Eve Park

A talented, young detective dedicated to protecting the people of Casper, WA from harm. Like most citizens, A/E isn't aware of magic's existence, but they have their suspicions and realize more's going on here than meets the eye. They also firmly—and somewhat correctly—believe that their former friend turned bitter rival, Dev, is involved with the strange phenomena plaguing the city. For more on A/E  click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: trans male (he/him) or trans female (she/her

Ainsley Sirico

The leader of a rival monster hunting team. Ainsley is an incredible hunter who's spent most of her life dedicated to this craft, earning great respect from her community along the way. She comes across as warm, welcoming, and caring (almost too much so?) and, given the way she treats you and Ciel, Ainsley doesn't seem to hold any prejudice against monstrous beings. For more on Ainsley click here.

cis female (she/her)

Lucía Reyes

A member of Ainsley's team. Lucía is a park ranger, an impressive feat given that the forest surrounding Casper is "infested" with monsters. As far as you can tell, something has drawn her to this forest, but you don't know if she's looking for something or hiding from someone. Lucía keeps her secrets tight to her chest and most people at the business end of a notched arrow. For more on Lucía click here.

RO: cis female (she/her or they/them), lesbian

Ciel Renault

The last of the rival team members. Ciel is a mystery to you—an acerbic, hot-blooded, goth mystery to be exact. They appear human at first glance, but the longer you look at them, the more you notice strange features: yellow eyes, pointed ears, short fangs. You aren't sure exactly what Ciel is, but you know they aren't human. For more on Ciel click here.

RO + Gender Customizable: nonbinary (she/they) or nonbinary (he/they)


An unlucky soul that crosses your path. Danny is a shadow of their former self by the time you properly meet them but becomes a steadfast companion—whether they like it or not. For more on Danny click here.

RO + Gender Selectable: nonbinary (any), cis female (she/her), cis male (he/him)

The Celestial

A figure from your past. The Celestial is a trickster who's known you—or, more specifically, the being you used to be—for most of eternity. Eir main objectives are unknown to you but, even though ey's a "fallen angel," the Celestial seems to want what's best for you. For more on the Celestial click here.

RO: omnigender (ey/em)

Oren Rose

A widower and single father. Rose seems to be an ordinary person trying to get by. A caring, light-hearted, and somewhat goofy optimist, Rose just wants to help improve the lives of those around him, however he can. For more on Rose click here.

RO: cis male (he/him), gay


You don't who they are, you don't know where they are, you don't know what they are. All you know is that they're watching. Waiting. Who knows what for?

RO?: unknown


Special thanks to the Zorlok beta readers: Andi, AxelKeys, Lili, Lore, Manon, MansymMondayOddington, Spectre, Wywrds

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(234 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Dark Humor, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, Mystery, Narrative, Romance, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksBlog, Blog

Development log


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out of all the games like this when it comes to character creation, this is the best i have seen hands down. I am very excited for to play more and laugh at tommy and pray along with him for those sweet wonderful nat 20's


can’t wait for the update make sure to take your time though things aren’t as good if people are tired while doing them but still love this


I like this very much! I can't wait to play the next segments! 

don't overexert yourself on our behalf though, take your time.

(1 edit) (+1)

Man, Tommy, why???  Out of everything you could have said, you literally chose the worst way of expressing yourself. 🤣

  That ending was like- crazy. I have a very good feeling about this one, I'm predicting I'm gonna laugh so much in this game, as well as have so much fun trying to keep my Zorlok from getting extremely mad at Tommy for erasing her memories without meaning to. 😭😂

 I hope this IF is still being worked at, but take as long as it is necessary, Author, because the level of customization and quality of UI are impressive.

Edit: I read about the delay regarding the updates and the situation with lack of free time, I only hope you're okay and keep taking care of your health! I'll be keeping my eyes on this game waiting patiently for the update when it comes. 😊 


Oh my gosh :') I need this full game LOL. (Take your time tho) 

That being said I can't wait oh my gosh the description was already so cool aaaaaaaaah I can't wait to find out what happens when the demon indeed does forget everything. 


Thanks! :) I'm doing everything I can to get it done with the little time I've had to work on it, but I can't wait to share it with everyone <3


Like I said, take your time ^^ I can't wait to further design the demon, I had a lot of fun (and work lol) imagining her and bringing her to life with the tiny details ^^ This is absolutely fantastic :D I am definitely gonna go for a demon that is nice ^^ 
Also I love my Cerberus already LOL. Though Tommy might not have the best survival instincts if he immediately goes and pet a wolf- but hey he's got a demon to protect (or... uh... NOT protect lol) him now right? :D 
Okay before I go into rambling on, fantastic game, take your time and I already love it ^^ I especially love the very clear trigger warnings, options, and the fact that THERE IS TONE TAGS THAT YOU CAN TURN ON AAAAH (My autism thanks you lol) 
I love it  ^^ I am definitely gonna keep this game close and play all that I can :D 


Hey, so is there supposed to be music when Tommy enters the abandoned house to summon the demon? The music stops for me when he decides to go there... Not sure if it's my computer (highly probable) browser (internet explorer I think) or if there's just not supposed to be any music. My browser says the tab is playing music, but the game is not playing music. Thanks in advance ^^ 

(7 edits)

So, the "music" that plays in the beginning of that scene is actually "room sound". If you're playing at a lower volume (especially without headphones) you might not hear anything or if you're playing in a room with a similar ambient sound you might not notice it. The relative quiet/silence of that scene is supposed to create an eerie stillness that's disrupted by what happens next. The room sound also changes depending on what happens in the scene directly before.






If Tommy's meeting with Harlow goes poorly then it's louder and filled with spookier sounds. If it goes well or neutrally, it's really subtle, almost white noise, that just buzzes/hums in the background. This is how the two different tracks are described in the game's audio descriptions (which can be turned on or off at any time in the settings menu): 

Spooky Room Sound: "The music from the last scene fades out, replaced by the eerie sound of a dank, cold room with wind whipping through it. Shutters rattle against windows. Something metallic creaks and wobbles. A strange, wet sound pops up now and then, almost like a creature swallowing. The audio feels disturbing, unnerving, and alarming."

Neutral Room Sound: "The music from the last scene fades out, replaced by the eerie sound of silence—the faint, buzzing, white noise of an empty room. Occasionally, some water drips or a random, unidentifiable clicking noise can be heard, but—in stark contrast to the rest of the game—this scene is unsettlingly quiet."


Oooh, I see thank you so much! There's a fish tank in the room and the filter must've drowned out the noise. As well as the tv playing over the mid sound of my laptop must've drowned it out! ...Because I loved Harlow so much so I had Tommy be super nice to her LOL. When (SLIGHT SPOILER) I got the option to have him drink tea I didn't yet know whether to trust her, so I was polite and then said Tommy just didn't want tea right now xD. (If there's an option to drink tea the next time, I do trust her now though so I will definitely have him drink the tea LOL). 

Thank you for your answer, this makes a lot of sense ^^ As I said, I often play with my laptop at mid sound (not too high not too low) and the tv at high sound, plus the fish tank and a pup that sometimes makes noise when he's wild plus guinea pigs... it must've drowned it out haha. But hey! At least you know you replicated an empty, silent room so well that I thought there was no sound LOL. Thank you so much ^^ 


Ahhh I keep coming back to this. So good :) Cant wait for the rest!

Is this still being worked on?

(1 edit)



daaaam tommy. you. really just deleted all of Zorlock's memory 


Ah yes, Zorlock the Puffy Boi, most fearsome.


Hey, found a typo. "horde all your magic for yourself?" Should be "hoard".


Ah! Thank you :)


:) no problem!


oooh this is so cool and the. the what do you call that. the music. its. i love it and the amount of detail you can put into your character is. i love it so much. also. CHOMPSKY THE HELLHOUND SQUIRREL!!! oh I love this so much. tommy. tommy no. also DND LET'S GO NAT 20S

(1 edit) (+6)

Damn you, Tommy.


Lmao I love this already, I can't wait to explore Tommy and Zorlok relationship.


This is God tier omg


First of all tommy, its the most tactical and reliable piece of wear that i will always use, im not gonna change it, ever. it even has different modes for the damned's sake! ITS CROCS, THE BEST CHOICE OF FOOTWEAR TOMMY, YOU WOULDNT GET IT.





BRO I was thinking I was playing as Tommy but I'm really playing as ZORLOK?? That was a crazy twist I didn't expect.


Isnt it- isnt it in the description?


YUP I just didn't read the description! I always forget to!


Ohhhh, this looks so promising!
Though trying save gives me an error message.




Got a demonic Goat named Pickles, 10000/10.  😭


I named my hellhound, "Boy". Someone is more creative than me 😂


I’ve seen this game around when scrolling through for IFs but never had a chance to play it and now i regret not playing sooner cus the aesthetics and the writing is simply immaculate 

I love the amount of detail in demon customization, especially in aesthetics, I cant wait to play as two different Zorloks with the exact opposite fashion taste (Goth and sweet pastel)

I can’t bring myself to be a complete asshole to tommy so he’s just gunna have two overprotective parents on both playthroughs


I have only had Tommy for 20 minutes, but if anything happened to him my Zorlok and I would kill everyone in this room and then ourselves.

Can't wait to see more!!


The customization is enough to make me cry it's absolutely wonderful and I was really captivated in the story thus far! I can't wait to figure out why Tommy's friend has been acting that way. Overall I loved how cocky the demon was when being introduced and how now it's a whole clean slate because of Tommy 😭

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

I love the amount of customization and descriptions you put in this, hoping for more updates in the future! ^^

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

This ended too soon. I was planning on playing this for hours lol.. it seems really good so far despite it not being much. I especially loved the character customisation. We can choose make-up, to dress hot/sexy or cute.. have piercings.. you did very well on character creation, even our pet is customizable but the story ended right after lol.

I'll come back from time to time to check on this. good luck!


Oh my fricking gosh the hilarity


I know that you just got back, but i just wanted to report a bug ;v; 

theres no next button or anything

Hmm, I think that the page automatically saved as I was making changes to it so the version that was live was an old browser file. I just checked and didn't notice this problem but please let me know if the problem persists.


Question. Why doesnt the choices go past where you have to tell harlow the truth about why tommy came there like it did before?

the same thing is happening to me right now, it wasn't doing that the first time that i played zorlok though


I think that itch.io saved while I was making changes to this page and accidentally set an old draft as the active game file. Please let me know if the problem persists though.


i think it's fixed, everything is working again, ty :)


Awesome! Thank you! :)


Take your time going to wait as long as I can

Thank you <3 Unfortunately, it'll be a little while longer for chapter 1 (more info here)


I understand if you have your personal reasons for not updating/releasing chapter 1 yet, but a small update about what is going on would really put all of our minds at ease im sure. ‘v’ you don’t have to go into detail, of course, but it’d be nice to at least know if this is an abandoned project case or you just need more time. :)) ♥️

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you and sorry for the lack of response. I go into some detail here but I've been off media for the past week and a half completing finals and midterms for several of my summer courses. Sorry that I'm just getting to answering this now. This project isn't abandoned, I just haven't had as much time as I'd like to work on it so the next chapter has been delayed.


Holy heck this is really cool! The Zorlok I made was like deceptively average but if given the option I want them to be a menace to society. This was fun, can't wait to see what happens next


the hellhound brought me joy


OBSESSED with this game !!!!! the customization was super fun !!!!!! (and the fact that the customization actually Affects thing is so cool, i made my demon a punk guy and tommy was like "little conspicuous dont you think" which i thought was funny asdklasjf) but the writing is super funny, esp the interactions between the demon and tommy, and this whole game is super super charming !!!! so excited to see more !!!!


I came for a short IF experience and stayed for the most competent dress-up section I have ever found. I will be returning and yes it will be purely to play dress-up with a demon-thingy each time


this was amazing and i'm so excited for the next release. the customization (and i'm not lying when i say that i've never played an IF with so much detail in the customization), music, characters and story so far are top tier. i'm really looking forward to see what you have planned for this!!

oh and side note, i especially love how trans friendly and diverse this was <3


Yesss one of the IFs of all time tbh. The character customisation is so great and I can’t wait to read more of the story. Love all the options for customising your Z so much. It really encourages replaying the game. Well done Albie, amazing work 👏👏👏


i named my golden retriever hell hound lightsniffer because why tf  not


This is great... like, really really great. I think I'm in love.



the music, the writing, the story, the character customization- you're awesome i love you.


Ok that was a great intro to the story! Definitely looking forward to seeing more =)

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