Everyone knows Goncharov. Martin Scorsese's 1973 film is a cult classic, a true masterpiece of cinema. To celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary, you, an office drone working at a major media corporation, have to create a pitch for a 2023 remake. It's an amazing opportunity that could launch your career. There's just one problem.

You haven't seen Goncharov.

Unable to turn down your corporate overlords, you and an indecisive colleague throw together a story based solely on information you can quickly find or invent.

How will you reimagine the greatest mafia movie ever made and what will you do to turn your ideas into reality?

CW: UNREALITY and some brief descriptions of smoking, violence, and death

This game was created for the Goncharov Game Jam. The music featured is "Main Theme from Goncharov", used with permission from the composer Alix (@caramiaadio). Original Goncharov poster created by @beelzeebub.
Explanation: Goncharov is a fake movie which became a popular topic on Tumblr in mid November of 2022. For more on Goncharov and its origins, click here.
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(58 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Simulation
Made withTwine
TagsFunny, goncharov, Indie, LGBT, metafiction, Multiple Endings, Queer, Surreal, unreality
Average sessionAbout an hour
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This was so fun!! :D


I have never seen this movie in my life, and yet when I read my finished script (the pages were so gay it might as well have been a pack of muti-colored highlighters lol), I was frothing at the mouth to see it come to fruition as if I were a long time fan rabid for content.



I had no idea Goncharov was a real movie! I'm shocked that this it's a real movie-


saw this game and immediately started laughing 'cause I was there when Tumble Gaslit Gatekeep Goncharov this baby into existence... Going to play the game now. Can't wait!


The queer urge to write fanfic for this game



I am having feelings. 


What the fuck? This is so good??? I started making excited hand gestures as I played. 

I want to read an actual Goncharov script from you so bad, and I want to make it into a real movie! 

This is so in-depth, it might have the best Goncharov plot I've ever read! You've really out-done yourself with this game!


This game was such a fun play. Finished it in one sitting. I absolutely adored the setting and like how many people mentioned, I also loved the repeatability of the story. This was great~


The MC never seen Goncharov is pretty relatable, because I as well never seen it once haha, so this is a trip.


This is fantastic!! The storyline4 is legitimately so well written.


Goncharov, truly such a classic, one of my favourite films to date. 

I'm excited to play this game, looks like a solid five star experience just from the the description alone. Looking through the photos/previews as well as the comments I can already confidently say that I completely agree with them, your writing style is incredible and the lay out looks amazing. 

Immediately eye-catching.


i was expecting a meme but holy shit dude, great job!


This is amazing, I just gonched all over the place


This was better than i could've expected, i was actually kind of sad when it ended as i was genuinely engaged with the story. My only real complaint is that the music in the game wasn't playing for whatever reason, i checked multiple times to see if i accidentally had it off, but no it just wasn't playing. Overall can't wait for the Creating Goncharov Remaster for the 50th anniversary.

Thanks! And, huh, interesting. If you don't mind, what were you playing on (like what kind of device) and what browser were you using?

Sorry for the late reply, forgot about the message for a bit. I was playing through the official itch.io app, as i have the option of installing the game, so that might be the issue.


i LOVE this

i'm already such a media kid- having done media in highschool- so being in the perspective of someone tryna pitch this badass mafia movie ABSOLUTELY stole my heart.

and the writing?? the repeatability?? I FELT LIKE GENUINELY I LIVED THROUGH THIS CHARACTER and just, wow, slowly learning more abt the workplace and Al B. and Gonch (1973) itself with every repeat?? so astonishing and smart.

ngl at first i wondered if there was a proper way to win over the investors on the first run but repeating the day till they did agree felt so rewarding. i love me a good reincarnation/groundhog day trope.

all the love to the creators >:) i want to eat this game (affectionate)

Thank you! :) And yeah, there's no way to make them believe without fleshing out the lie story first, I thought that would better reflect the Goncharov phenomenon


Hey albie, I have a lot to say about your game but not enough words to express how absolutely incredible I thing it is.

Firstly, I adore your writing style. Your balance between wit and imagery with a dash of introspection has me speechless every time. AND YOUR SCENE DESCRIPTIONS??? WHAT??? THEY'RE SO GOOD FOR NO REASON?????

Next, I love the pacing of the game and the infinite repeatability of it. I like how every loop you say how we know more and more about Goncharov, because in a sense we do as it evolves more and more.

A quick note, I absolutely am insane over your queer content in this game. It is perfect.

The ending. God that fucking ending. albie, you had me almost close to literal TEARS and this whole chest-heart-organ warming feeling, tbh i was feeling that throughout the whole thing.

Long story short, I really REALLY loved your game, thank you for creating it and thank you for existing.

(ps fellow Tumblrian, I'm rainjacketfoureyes on 

Tumblr :)

LKSjadjkdj thank you, that means so much to me! and yay, the queer content is the most important content in my eyes <3


this was MIND BLOWING-!! the layout, the writing, just EVERYTHING was sooo extraordinarily cool!!

Thank you! <3


yall this is awesome?????? Idk everything about this is true love and I really enjoyed getting to choose details of the Goncharov remake... keep slaying???¿!!

Aw, thanks, and I promise I'll try ;)


LOVEEE the ui this looks amazing
(also i though Al B was a funny lil detail)

Thank you! :)